Privacy policy

A. Data processing associated with our website

1. Accessing our website

When visiting our website, our servers temporarily save each access in a log file. The following technical data is thereby fundamentally collected for every connection with a web server without requiring any action by you, and is maintained until the business rela- tionship is terminated:

- The IP address of the requesting computer,

- The name of the owner of the IP address (normally your internet access provider),

- The date and time of the access,

- The website from which the access was made (referrer URL), where ap- plicable with the search word used,

- The name and the URL of the accessed file,

- The status code (e.g. error report),

- The operating system of your computer,

- The browser you use (type, version and language),

- The transfer log used (e.g. HTTP/1.1) and

- Where applicable your user name from registration/authentication.

- The host header name

- The number of bytes sent by the server

- The number of bytes received and processed by the server

- The duration of access

- The requested verb or word, such as the GET method (GETlocation)

- The goal of the requested verb or word, e.g. Default.htm

2. The use of our contact form

You have the option to get in contact by e-mail. To be able to get in touch with us, you have to click on the e-mail symbol. By clicking on this symbol, a connection is automati- cally created to your e-mail program and a window is opened to send an e-mail. You can send us questions by e-mail about the functions or the content of the website. You are solely responsible for the messages and the content you send to us using the e-mail func- tion. We recommend not sending any sensitive information via the e-mail function. To be able to use the e-mail function, you simply have to enter your e-mail address. Your e-mail address and other data you have provided voluntarily (e.g. your first name and surnames, telephone number etc.) are required by us so that we can provide the best possible, per- sonalised response to your enquiry. This processing of this data is therefore required in accordance with Art. 6, paragraph 1 b, GDPR to execute pre-contractual measures, or is in our justified interest as per Art. 6, paragraph 1 f, GDPR.

Updated: November 2018