Kavalier Boutique Hotel is located in the old landscape park Znesinnia in an area called 'Kaiserwald', which in German means 'royal forest'. It received this name in honor of the visit to Lviv of the Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Franz Joseph I.

In ancient times, among the lush green forest, there was an estate that belonged to the family of the Alambek family and was called 'Alambek apiary'. In the 18th century, the owner of this estate became the founder of a famous Lviv family, a Frenchman by birth, Francois Logsham de Berier. This is where Franz Josef and his wife Elizabeth of Bavaria, better known as Sisi, stopped. Tired of the imperial duties, the couple fell in love with the beauty of the wooded hills and felt that this place is dominated by incredible strength and tranquility.

Today, the luxurious Kavalier Boutique Hotel is built on this site, which, as in the days of Franz Josef, enchants with its picturesqueness and gives guests aesthetic pleasure and incredible energy.

Kavalier Boutique Hotel is the place where you will find harmony, forget about troubles and gain strength.