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The concept

Kavalier Boutique Hotel is a place where problems are forgotten. Incredible history, cozy atmosphere and picturesque nature will help you relax and unwind from the hectic lifestyles of the city. Only a few kilometers from the center of Lviv - and you find yourself in the beautiful greenery of the Znesinnia Regional Landscape Park and can breathe fresh air and feel how the body is filled with strength. Here you can forget about all the problems and troubles and give yourself to the warm embrace of Kavalier Boutique Hotel.


About us

The hotel is located in an area called Kaiserwald (German for 'royal forest'). It received this name in honor of the visit to Lviv of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I and his wife Elizabeth of Bavaria. Fascinated by the incredible beauty, they wanted to stay in the area where the Kavalier Boutique Hotel is located today. It is a place where everyone is delighted with incredible nature and special history.

The location was created to make weekdays special and holidays unforgettable. The hotel has a Kavalier restaurant, a tennis court, bicycle rental, a swimming pool, a mini zoo and a unique wine buvette.

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